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In firefox (as well as most other browsers) you can navigate back and forward in the current tab with Alt + Left or Right. However, it's not very practical to move one at a time if you want to go back 6, 8, or 10 pages. Is there a way, in firefox, to open up the Back/Forward menu using the keyboard?

Just to make sure I'm clear: I'm talking about the menu opens up if you click on the little triangle immediately to the right of the Forward button.

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Good question, but it looks like it's not possible with a stock build of Firefox. Here's Mozilla's list of keyboard shortcuts for Firefox, which also states there isn't any method to configure custom shortcuts build in to Firefox.

It may however be possible with an extension, although I'm not sure if one is available to do so.

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As with everything in Firefox, it's very likely that an extension covers that. I think I know of a couple extensions specifically designed to customize shortcuts. Unfortunately, I'm using Minefield here, so it's unlikely that I'll be able to test them. – Malabarba Sep 25 '10 at 5:29

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