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I'm configuring a CentOS 5.5 workstation with a default desktop environment of KDE 3.5 that will have several users. I set up a test account, and I have the account configured exactly how I want the other user accounts configured with respect to the user profile. How can I make it to where when a new user is created and that user logs in for the first time, they will have a profile exactly like the one I've set up now? I'm not concerned whether or not they change it later.

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You want a skel directory, see man 8 adduser.

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I thought of this. Can I just add the contents of my already-customized-user's .kde directory to /etc/skel? – churnd Sep 28 '10 at 11:02
TITS – daxim Sep 28 '10 at 11:05

So far I've found kioskadmin, which seems to be ideal for creating a locked down multi-user desktop. That's not really what I'm looking for in this case and my user base is not large at all, so I think I will just manually copy the hidden settings to the user's home dir manually (~/.kde, etc).

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