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On SunOS man grep gives me the man page for the SunOS grep but grep --version says it's grep (GNU grep) 2.5. How do I get the man page for GNU grep?

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It sounds as if the machine has installed a new grep, but didn't update the man page. You have 4 options:

  1. goto the web and read the man page online
  2. try info grep instead. Often gnu packages come with info pages rather then man pages
  3. Goto to or an other mirror site and download grep 2.5 (maybe 2.5.4?). Unpack it and you can install it, or in the docs dir you'll see a file This is the man page. you can type:

    nroff -man | more 

    to view it

  4. reinstall the package & documentation

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It depends on where your man pages are but I think the -M flag or setting MANPATH would be your friends here.

alias gnuman='MANPATH=/path/to/gnu/man/root man'


alias gnuman='man -M /path/to/gnu/man/root'
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And in fact it would be best to set MANPATH following PATH, so that command lookup and man page lookup give matching results. – Gilles Sep 24 '10 at 21:24

You should set the order of your MANPATH to match the order of PATH.

If your PATH is:


set your MANPATH to:


(adjust as needed to reflect where your man pages actually are)

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