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I'm currently having IMAP-based email (over which I have no control):

forwarded to an external address using an entry in the .forward file:


I've setup the gmail account also to send from this .edu email account, but for reference I bcc in the email I send from gmail.

Just out of curiousity, is there a way to define a rule with .forward (or something similar) such as:

"if the incoming email is from, don't forward it to"?

Obviously this isn't something that's handled at the mail client level - it's too late by then. I also concede I could just get gmail to handle this with the above rule (if the email I'm sending is from, trash it), but this loses me flexibility if I want to email something out to my gmail account.

I hope that isn't too compilcated - I essentially want to have my cake and eat it. If someone can think of a better implementation, please do suggest. I kind of like the ability to have access to both email systems, so ditching one isn't really an option.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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It may be overkill, but this is what I use procmail for.

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