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What software is available that will let me watch video from a USB video capture device at full PAL/NTSC resolution and capture a still image at a button press?

More info: I'm using a KaiserBaas USB capture device, and want to capture screen shots from a PS2 connected to it. I'd like to play the game at the full PS2 resolution and capture certain scenes.

The device has a one-touch snapshot button on it, but I can't seem to make it work and there's no mention of it anywhere in the documentation. The device works and the video appears in Power Producer (the included software), but I think it previews it smaller than the full resolution. I could print screen it, but having to crop will be a pain.

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Are you using Linux, Windows or Mac OS X? I use a program called Jing by TechSmith. It is available for Windows and Mac OS X. I believe this may be what you're looking for. It allows you to screen-cap by Application window, selective windows inside an application, the entire full res of your monitor and even selecting your own area of the screen to capture. Give it a try.

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Jing is for screen capture of the PC screen. I want to capture directly from a video capture device connected to my PC. Also, I don't want to capture video - just stills from that video capture device. Also, I want them at the full PAL/NTSC resolution - if I just print+screen or use some other screen capture tool I'll just get the smaller preview that the included software shows. – cantabilesoftware Sep 26 '10 at 23:06

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