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Possible Duplicate:
Install Win7 from USB

I want to format my laptop through a pen drive. I want to make my pen drive bootable for windows as I don't have a CD burner. Also, my laptop currently does not have an operating system installed.

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This question has been asked and answered innumerable times. Take a look at Install Win7 from USB, for example. – nhinkle Sep 26 '10 at 9:59

You can't do that without an operating system installed of course. What you can do is, take your Windows CD/DVD (or virtual ISO image) to one of your friend's computer and then use THIS UTILITY to make a bootable USB drive out of that, easily.

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You need a second working computer with an optical drive to create the pen drive. Here's a how to for Windows 7.

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I have found that PenDriveLinux is the easiest and most versatile Bootable flash USB drive software. You can boot a windows installation straight from there. All that is needed is the ISO of the Windows OS. This means that you'll need a second PC. If the second PC is a windows 7 this guide will be helpful in creating a ISO of a cd natively from windows 7. If you don't have windows 7 you'll have to use third party software (i.e. Nero, Roxio, or any of the free options that are out there)

This guide is how to use PenDriveLinux. It does not specify the Windows installation, but can easily be adapted to suit your needs.

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