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Possible Duplicate:
Is there any benefit from installing Windows 7 64-bit when you have less than 4GB or RAM?

I am getting ready to install Windows 7 on a laptop with 4GB of memory. I know there are advantages to using the 64-Bit version when you have large amounts of memory (i.e., > 4GB). Are there any advantages to the 64-Bit version when you have 4GB or less?

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More than 2GB memory can be addressed per-process on a 64-bit system, allowing memory hungry applications to perform better. Another advantage is the access to more registers, and thus, 64-bit integers :)

Although with all the big integer libraries we have available today, doing processing on larger numbers is possible on 32-bit operating systems as well.

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Only when running heavy multimedia or scientific software, due to the increased size and number of registers available.

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