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while transfer code from visual studio 2010 to linux we encounter the next message (compiler):

"Tank.h:24: fatal error: can`t write PCH file: Disk quota exceeded"

class Tank: public Vehicle
    Tank(char* veID, char* model, int numOfBooms, char* baseName);
     virtual ostream& Print (ostream& res) const;
     virtual void SetDistanceToTreat(double dis);
     virtual double GetDistanceToTreat() const {return m_distanceToTreat;}
     virtual void IntializeDistanceToTreat(); 

    double m_distanceToTreat;
    int m_numOfBooms;


inline ostream& operator<<(ostream &res, const Tank& t) //line 24
{ return t.Print(res); }

it works perfectly in windows

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Disk quota exceeded - seems like you have problems writing a file to the disk. Check the permissions and free disk space. Maybe the root gave your user just a limited disk space, which you have already used?

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The problem was that the inline function should be in the header of the father class "Vehicle" and not in the derive classes . –  Elad Betite Sep 26 '10 at 17:43

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