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I'm trying to clear out an old ubuntu installation on a different partition (sda5). I'm currently running ubuntu from sda1 partition.

  1. Is it safe to do the following (just checking):

root@my-laptop:/media/sda5# rm -R /media

I'm only asking because:

root@my-laptop:/media/sda5# ls -R /media

obviously shows a lot of files referenced in there...


PS: Is there anything that needs saving from that partition??? (I've got the old /home directory on a different partition.) I've heard about some /home encryption files being stored within /var (doesn't apply to me anyway). Are the mysql data there by default? Any other issues?


The question was really about: if I delete the contents of sda5 with rm -R, do the symbolic links to media/ also lead to deleting content on those linked partitions (in the same way as ls -R does give me the files even on the other partition)? I don't think so, but would like to be assured. I.e. the question is not how to delete directories on one partition, but whether this can be done using rm -R without deleting linked content.

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Why aren't you just reformatting the partition? Seems to me like it'd be faster and easier in the long run. – MBraedley Sep 26 '10 at 23:42

It should be safe to remove files WITHIN /media, because they are usually generated when a device is mounted (e.g. inserting a CD-ROM creates /media/cdrom0 in Ubuntu). There may be some folders you created yourself which you will want to keep, but other than that it SHOULD be safe, but take my advice with a pinch of salt - it's an rm command, and you must know the forum rule - be wary around posts containing rm! :)

Hope this helps

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Actually, I ashamedly went and removed /media via GUI (nautilus), and no problem there... - But I'd rather do it with 'rm' from the terminal in future... – ajo Sep 26 '10 at 20:39
ah ok. If you do encounter problems, just run "sudo mkdir /media" (minus quotes) should you want to re-create it when Ubuntu hasn't for you :) – Bojangles Sep 27 '10 at 17:49

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