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I'm using an old server machine as a linux box desktop, and as such I have a lot of power but not a lot of display options. I cannot increase my resolution past 800x600 and recently this has become just to small.

I have mostly been able to workaround windows being to large for a workspace by moving them with the alt key, but I would like to use something a little more versatile. My plan is to have a setup where I can open a windows (say firefox) on the top-left workspace and then resize it so that it fills four workspaces in an emulated "wall of monitors" fashion. I already have my workspaces arranged like this, but I am not seeing any options for allowing programs/windows to exist on more than one workspace at a time,

I know that what I am trying to accomplish is possible (or was at some point in time) because when I google my solution pages appear with people trying to do the opposite (windows already appear on more than one workspace and they dislike it).

Any help is much appreciated.

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metacity doesn't allow this, but other window managers might. I do remember that I had windows crossing workspaces at one point, but this was quite long ago so I'm not certain which WM it was (might have been FVWM2).

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