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Could anyone point me to the site where I can get the ispell.exe for Windows 7?

I need to run flyspell mode on emacs/win32, but it doesn't work as I don't have the ispell.


I found the ispell that works with emacs/win32. One should use the one that works with emacs/win32 as is explained in the book of emacs.

  1. Download from one of the site.
  2. Copy the ispell.exe to the PATH directory, and copy the English dictionary to the home directory.
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You might have more luck with aspell. Aspell will work as a drop-in replacement for ispell with flyspell mode.

I have answered a related question on StackOverflow: emacs windows spell check aspell or hunspell

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have you tried this solution?

Dos version of ispell:

anyway you can always install cygwin and compile ispell by yourself with ming compiler - manual is here

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