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On Linux, is root privilege required to send a wake-on-lan magic packet?

If it depends on how you send the magic packet, please let me know under what situation root is required.

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It depends on the program you use to send wake-on-lan packets. Some programs use raw packets, and therefore require root. Other programs embed the magic wakeup sequence in a bog standard UDP packet, and thus do not require root.

In theory it shouldn't matter what kind of packet you use, as long as there's the magic wake-on-lan sequence somewhere inside it. In practice I seem to remember that my old desktop refused to wake up when I used a Python script that sent UDP packets, but worked fine if I used a C program that used raw packets.

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I see. So if a WoL program requires root the reason is that it sends raw packets. Thanks! And just a quick check: sending packets to the broadcast address doesn't need root, right? – netvope Sep 28 '10 at 7:07

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