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I have an issue with my rtl8169 gigabit NIC. Which gigabit NICs are supported out of the box by Ubuntu lucid?

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I have an rtl8169 that is working fine, but I don't use Samba. Are you seeing that mentioned issue specifically? NICs are one thing that almost all of them work on Linux, so you can usually grab any off the shelf. – Karl Bielefeldt Sep 28 '10 at 20:49
well, it seems to be the problem, since i did many tests resulting in slow transfer (the everywhere mentioned 2MB/s), not only with samba altough a windows box gets around 8MB/s the nic would be one possibility i can think of but keep in mind, the problem i have is slow transfer networking, like internet,dns,... works fine – John Doe Sep 30 '10 at 7:10
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Here is the list of network cards that are supported by Ubuntu: Wired Network Cards

The list is broken down by vendor. If you click on a vendor it will take you to a list of that vendors cards that are supported/unsupported.

It seems that your Realtek RTL-8169 is supported, but it doesn't list which version of Ubuntu it is confirmed to work with.

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