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I try to install clip2net application on Ubuntu 9.10 and get the error.

lyuba@lyuba-laptop:~/Desktop$ chmod a+x linux_clip2net01b_installer.bin
lyuba@lyuba-laptop:~/Desktop$ sudo linux_clip2net01b_installer.bin
[sudo] password for lyuba: 
sudo: linux_clip2net01b_installer.bin: command not found

What may cause the problem?

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It's unlikely that ~/Desktop is in your path.

Did you try:

sudo ./linux_clip2net01b_installer.bin

(After the other steps mentioned)?

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Actually, I resolved the problem by just running ./linux_clip2net01b_installer.bin. I didn't know that you have to put this ./ before the name of the file. Thanks! – lyuba Sep 30 '10 at 11:23

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