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I recently installed MySQL on Fedora13. Now, when I try to create a database, it denies me access. I tried resetting the password and it does not recognize my system root. I tried resetting password with an init-file containing:

UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD('MyNewPass') WHERE User='root';

I tried uninstall and then reinstall and it is still not working.

I am new to Linux and not comfortable with the filesystem. Talk to me like I'm four.

Thank you, kindly.

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If anyone else has this problem, I resolved it. At least I think I did. I can log in now and access MySQL. I removed, erased and reinstalled MySQL several times, along with deleting all the folders I could find that had mysql in them. This did not work. Don't try that. I finally stumbled upon this procedure, buried in a forum somewhere.

  1. Update the packages
  2. Type:

    hostname localhost.localdomain
    mysql_install_db --skip-name-resolve --force

Done. HTH

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