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I have a laptop with winXP sp3.

I read about a utility about 2 years ago that would let you connect to multiple wireless networks by creating a bunch of virtual wireless adapters and combining them into one connection.

Well, I am staying in a hotel in a densely populated area, and there are a like 7 seperate free public access points that I can connect to, but each one is pretty slow.

Now that I actually need to use this software to combine these things, I can't find it.

Anyone know what I'm talking about or how I can do this?

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I think you refer to Wireless Bonding.

802.11n and channel bonding reference, and a Linux reference.

802.11n, bonding utilizes two adjacent Wi-Fi channels simultaneously to double the bandwidth of the wireless link compared to 802.11b/g.

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I don't know why is this accepted as an answer but it doesn't sound like what the OP is looking for at all. @Ronnie is looking for a way to connect to multiple wifi access points simultaneously using one physical wifi adapter and making all those connections appear as one. Wifi bonding is a feature offered by 802.11n to allow for higher bandwidth throughput to just one n-enabled AP -- there is no connection to multiple AP's here. – greatwolf Sep 19 '11 at 7:59

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