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I use open SUSE 11.3 and want to connect to the Internet but I can't configure out how to do it, any help is previously appreciated.

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I hope you mean 11.3 – Sathya Sep 29 '10 at 11:59
You might want to be more specific. What DSL provider and what hardware, for starters. What have you tried that didn't work? – CarlF Sep 29 '10 at 12:29
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@chris is very correct. there is little point doing it yourself in linux especially if you have to ask (sorry if I sound rude).

However, for the matter, run yast -> network service -> DSL

or you need to download roaring-penguin PPPoE client:

Compile it, then run adsl-setup, adsl-start (to connect) and adsl-stop (to disconnect).

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The simplest way is to connect your computer to a router, and hook up the router to the DSL modem. You can either configure your computer to use DHCP, or hard-code an IP address.

I do remember in the "bad old days" when you had to run software on your desktop to talk to the modem, but I'm pretty those days are gone.

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