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In Windows 7 when I pin certain programs, somehow there is something that allows them to have a sub menu. Examples of this are both Firefox (Enter private browsing) and Chrome (New window, New incognito window).

For some reason on some machines I don't see this, and on others I do. I tend to not like having these extra options - how do I disable this from showing up for pinned programs and just have it be a shortcut.

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I didn't think you can - this is a new feature of Windows 7. However, it is a new feature of Firefox - Chrome has supported it for some time. Are you sure that both machines are running the same versions of these programs? – William Hilsum Sep 29 '10 at 16:03
They are.. chrome always auto updates and I'm using the same branch (stable). One shows options, one does not. – mindless.panda Sep 29 '10 at 17:09
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For Firefox specifically it is a new feature. I am running 3.6.10 and I do not have these options, but when I run Firefox 4 Beta 5+ I do have these options. I believe these options are handled on a per application basis. As far as I know there are no options to disable these context menu options.

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FireFox - as usual - can be tweaked to suit your preferences. For the taskbar options go to about:config in Firefox and search for: "browser.taskbar ...." In particular:

  • To disable the tasks options, search for broswer.taskbar.lists.tasks.enabled and toggle its value to false

  • To disable the frequent list, go to: broswer.taskbar.lists.frequent.enabled and toggle its value to false

Other options for the taskbar are also available and the names in about:config (browser.taskbar...) should be explanatory enough. See here for more info: Firefox 4 tips for Windows 7 users

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You cannot. Firefox and Chrome are adding them.

You might as well be asking:

How can i remove the New Tab menu option in Chrome?

You can't. Having menu's is a feature of Windows, that Chrome and Firefox take advantage of. Windows cannot override what an application does.

Having items in a pin menu is a feature of Windows, that Chrome and Firefox take advantage of. Windows cannot override what an application does.

Some people don't like toolbars either.

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I have Windows 7 installed on 2 machines, on one Chrome has the sub menu and on one it doesn't. Same Windows and Chrome versions. – mindless.panda Oct 7 '10 at 15:30
Then i would ask for the version numbers of both. i would also suggest that if one Chome is not showing the "New Tab" option on some machines: it's a bug that you should report. – Ian Boyd Oct 22 '10 at 21:06

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