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I have got two partitions on a PC running Windows XP:
C: system partition
D: data partition

Usually every user has got his user profile on

C:\Documents and Settings\<user>

But I have moved the user profiles to the D: partition and linked them to the old locations using the junction tool from sysinternals:

junction "D:\<user>" "C:\Documents and Settings\<user>"

Everything works great, but the only annoying thing is the Recycle Bin:
When a user deletes a file (which physically is located somewhere in D:\user), the file is moved to the Recycle Bin on the C: drive, which actually makes sense because Windows still thinks that it is somewhere in "C:\Documents and Settings\user". But this means that deleting files can take very long time.
So how can I tell Windows to use the Recycler on the D: partition instead?

I hope that you can understand the problem.

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Moving the Recycle Bin is not possible.

Plus there are some unfavorable consequences to performance to moving the Recycling bin to another drive.

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