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Just got my hands on a 60gb OCZ Vertex 2 SSD - Claims to have 285/275 write and read speeds. However when testing with AS SSD Benchmark im getting about 140/90.


  • Windows 7 32-Bit

  • 60gb SSD - TRIM enabled 7.4 Windows Rating

  • 2.6ghz Core 2 Duo

  • 4gb Ram

Any pointers to improve the speed/ any ideas why it isnt performing as well as suggested. Got it form ebuyer, comments seem to suggest others are having no problem hitting the higher end of the read/write speeds.---

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I know AHCI plays a part in SSD speed. Have you turned it on in BIOS? I also know that many suggest turning it on before you actually install Windows 7 to get better performance. My guess is this will up your speed at least a bit.

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Plus you can look at the SATA channel and see if it's 1.5Gbps, 3Gbps or 6Gbps. – user3463 Sep 29 '10 at 22:45

A few websites have helped me in my search for Windows 7 SSD tweaks as I have a 40GB Intel X25-V for performance increase over a 1TB WD10EARS harddrive:

Superuser has a page on some SSD tweaks.

My Dell Mini has a website with a load of SSD tweaks that also apply to 2.5" SSDs and PCIe SSD cards.

Crucial also has a thread in their forums devoted to some SSD tweaks.

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