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I am using linux mint and have installed Netbeans on it but whenever I run netbeans from accounts other than root it throws an error for not having permission to start glassfish server of netbeans. I also tried running this application using run as administrator option but then the application does not start.

So is there a way to assign netbeans admin rights permanently so that whenever I start this application from other accounts I should not face this error?

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You probably need to use xdg-su:

xdg-su provides a graphical dialog that prompts the user for a password to run command as user or as root if no user was specified.

xdg-su is for use inside a desktop session only.

If your launch command is /usr/bin/netbeans/, change it to xdg-su -c /usr/bin/netbeans.

Alternatively, find out where netbeans stores its workspace and assign ownership to your current user.

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You could add the program you'd like to run as root into the sudoers file. (run the command "visudo" as root)

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