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at my 450gb fat32 partition, a directory has a wrong content after improper usb drive disconnect; was:

/files (total 250gb)


/files/weirЗdчname, 5 mb

Windows and Linux are saying that most (400 of 450gb) disk space is occupied, but sum of all files/dirs is about 130gb, so it seems that files are still there?. No write attempts since discovery;

Rejected tools/methods:

  • chkdsk(Windows7): checking completed, but no changes.
  • fsck.vfat: attempted to ruin drive even more (there is a lot of LFN and unicode names).
  • EasyRecovery. Didn't see the target folder (maybe wrong scan options? tried best match, but not raw scan - it would take days since the drive is usb 5200 rpm..).
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Try a piece of software called TestDisk. It really helped me out with a similar problem.

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Good tool, but no good help. Also, works bad on W7 (cant write to disk) – kagali-san Oct 3 '10 at 21:34

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