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I'd like to manually run Windows update without accessing the Windows update web site. Could you give me a hand?

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Start menu -> Programs -> All Programs -> Windows Update

But that will still just open IE to the web site. The only other way to do it is to read through reams of ms knowledge base articles for Server 2003 to find everyone one that includes a windows update download, cross reference that for updates that are already installed on yoru computer, and download each update from microsoft's download site and install it by hand. It'd take you a year or more to finish.

Perhaps we could do a little better if we understood your motivation for the request.

As I think about, the windows update site works by running an ActiveX control. You might be able to build another program that hosts this control, but I doubt it. And even if you did, the control would still need to connect to Microsoft's windows update site to download the patches.

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There's a 3rd-party tool called autopatcher, which I've used for years while doing computer repair. Basically, it downloads all the updates you need after the latest service pack, allows you to pick and choose what you want, then allows you to install them. The hotfixes themselves are downloaded from microsoft through the application.

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You can use MBSA to do it, its kind of a pain but it can be used to install updates one at a time.


There is also this program, it will download all the updates for a variety of MS products, compile them into an ISO, then you can burn this do disc, use the disc to update the PC automatically.


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