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Is there any application I can use on a Mac and people can use on their iPhones 4 to do video calls?

If beyond Mac OS X apps you can also mention Ubuntu Linux and WIndows apps that can do that too, I appreciate.

As far as I checked, skype is not an option.


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Apple just released a beta version of Facetime for Mac. With it you can "make video calls to iPhone 4, the new iPod touch, or another Mac".

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The simple answer is that once FaceTime gets published, a host of existing applications will likely support it - Skype, Google Voice, iChat, and many more. This will also likely make its way to Android and Windows phones as well. Just a matter of time.

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but beyond facetime... there's any application that can do that? I mean video calls between linux, windows, mac and iphone 4? – SpaceDog Oct 1 '10 at 17:25
I think you misunderstood my answer. FaceTime is not just an application, it is a protocol. Other applications will likely support this protocol in the future, meaning that someone on a Windows PC could, using Skype with FaceTime support, make a video call to someone else with an iPhone 4. – Joshua Oct 1 '10 at 18:19

iMovicha, requires jailbreaking the iPhone but it works on all other systems including Android.

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