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This started recently and I can't really see exactly what it's doing or how it could be doing it. I checked Accessibility Options in Windows but these are off.

When I type this command (while ssh-ed into a remote server) and then tab to auto-complete, I get weird results:

cd /mnt-sh: <( compgen -d -- '/mnt' ): No such file or directory

I want to tab to get options for directories in /mnt but this thing happens. I Googled the result to no avail.

This only happens when ssh-ed in. The Cygwin terminal works fine locally.

Any ideas?

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Perhaps your $TERM is set to something odd in the remote shell? – Nifle Oct 1 '10 at 16:54
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So I edited ~/.bashrc and removed the end lines regarding bash_completion. Restarted the session and it was back to normal.

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