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I have a norwegian keyboard, but I want to be able to type in farsi/persian with on screen keyboard without changing the system locale.

Does anybody know of any software that does this?

I have tried xvkbd but it only shows in english.

Even if I change system keyboard layout to be farsi/persian it still doesn't work. Still it shows in Norwegian or english :(

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Try Gnome On-Screen Keyboard (gok), it has the ability to specify custom keyboard layouts via an XML file. Unfortunately the XML format is not documented well, and a GUI editor does not exist yet. I can't find any other on-screen keyboards that offer this though.

install it with sudo apt-get install gok

Update: Re the default Ubuntu on-screen keyboard 'onboard', see if this thread is of any help. The last post says that persian and arabic are pretty close, perhaps that translation could be the base for your custom layout. place the file in /home/user/.sok/layouts and choose it in onboard-settings.

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Thanks for the tip. Seemed like onboard worked with arabic language. Should be possible for me to modify it since there are so much similarities between the languages. – Shervin Asgari Oct 8 '10 at 11:28

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