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Ive created two RAID0 partitions on my drives, a 500GB and a 60GB. Im trying to install Ubuntu on the smaller partition (ive already put Win 7 on the larger one) and every time when i get right to the last part of installation it says Grub couldnt be installed.

"the grub package failed to install in \target......."

Could anyone help me please? Im not really a linux expert

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You have a proper raid adapter, no?

If you have a motherboard-raid then dmraid is what you need. I'm sure there is a guide for Ubuntu some where. Basically what you need is a kernel (and an inintrd) which supports your motherboards raid flavour. Let me have a look...

Here we are: Ubuntu fakeraid guide

I think you'll be better of asking for support in the Ubuntu forums. It should not be very difficult to get this going :) gl & hf

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