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I have a time-series dataset that looks like this (a few thousands of entries spanning for a couple of years):

timestamp <TAB> items_added <TAB> items_removed

For example:

1286016527 10 70

I want to play with this data, draw it on a plot and do some ad-hoc analysis.

For this particular task I do not want to use gnuplot, rrdtool or R. These tools take some fiddling to get a good plot, and right now I need something more lazy and casual (it is a weekend after all).

Perhaps there is some nice web-service to do this?

Or more casual standalone tool that works on Ubuntu?

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Excel is built for this sort of stuff.

Open the file (either as a "Tab Separated Values" document) or use "Text To Columns" and knock yourself out.

I assume OpenOffice is capable of this as well.

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Right, Excel (or OpenOffice or Google Documents). Does it understand UNIX Epoch timestamps? – Alexander Gladysh Oct 2 '10 at 11:19
Excel (or alike) is good (I will convert timestamps if needed, no problem). I'll even use it and solve my task at hand. But I want to find some specialized (but more casual than coding in R language) time series data analysis tool. – Alexander Gladysh Oct 2 '10 at 11:21

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