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Possible Duplicates:
Transferring Music from iPod to iTunes?
How do I restore libraries in iTunes using files on my iPod Touch?

I recently lost all my data on my HD and backup (!!!) including my songs held on iTunes. The tracks are still on my iPod (nano) but if I reinstall iTunes and sync it with my iPod it will wipe my iPod. Obviously I don't want to have to reload all those CD's back onto my computer, so how do I download the tracks from my iPod? I did find a piece of software called MediaWidget but only allows 10 tracks at a time or option to pay for full access. I did try 10 track version but that had a problem syncing it back on to iTunes, so don't want to pay for full version because that may not work either. Any help would be appreciated Many Thanks

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Look at Transferring Music from iPod to iTunes? – Sathya Oct 2 '10 at 14:36

I asked a near identical question and got a couple of answers. Haven't got round to trying them yet.

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Have you tried SharePod? You can copy all the files from the ipod to the computer and then import them into itunes. Next: Sync.

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Thanks to Andygrunt, Andi and NX Wolf for your suggestions. However I have resolved the problem via PodtoPC, did try MediaWidget but that wouldn't work at the final execution. PodtoPC has the freebie element of 10 songs at a time, which is a hassle but it allowed me to prove the s/w worked. So spent the $19 and it worked a dream! Seems ridiculous that Apple don't have this feature within iTunes or any sign of Help within their site. Thanks again for taking the time to respond - Appreciate it. – nick Oct 4 '10 at 14:21

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