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I currently have to do some work in an Excel sheet and as we all know Enter jumps to the next row (at the current column) and I can start typing.

Until I have to use the arrows (Ctrl + /), which occurs quite often. Then Excel navigates to another cell and I have to use the mouse an click the editingbar at the top (or doubleclick the cell) so I can use the arrows. Is there any shortcut to jump to the editingbar, so I dont need to use the mouse?

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You can use F2 to edit a cell.

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Thanks. Now I can edit these 300 items without getting angry :) – Anonymous Aug 7 '09 at 11:25
The complete list of shortcuts can be found at: – WireGuy Aug 7 '09 at 12:48

You can also disable the moving of the cursor on enter under Excel Advanced Options.

In Office 2007:

  • Ribbon Button
  • Excel Options
  • Advanced
  • After pressing Enter, move selection: Untick the box

In older versions it is under the Edit tab if I remember correctly.

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