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I love the backup capabilities of Windows Home Server, but that's about the only feature of it that I use.

Does anyone know of any Linux-based services that will allow me to backup client PCs in a similar way to WHS (an image style backup, only backing up what's changed) and lets me restore in a similar way - by booting from a CD and then reimaging the PC over the network?

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I use Amanada. For bare box recover look at Mondo which can generate bootable media. The two together provide a very flexible backup and recovery setup.

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I haven't used it, but have seen references to Amahi as a managed home server designed to be install and forget (almost seems anti Linux to me, but hey ho)

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After the announcement of Drive Extender being removed from WHS, I installed Amahi in a virtual environment. The Greyhole technology looks very promissing as a replacement for DE, but there isn't any comparable backup solution included. I haven't researched enough yet to find something suitable to run under Amahi, but the server is pretty solid, if not nearly as friendly as WHS. – rjrapson Dec 14 '10 at 22:11

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