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In Linux there's iwconfig, iwlist, etc.

In Windows, is there anyway to get more advanced view of the properties/statistics of the wifi signals I see? Something other than the couple of bars and the standard IP settings? Ideally I'd like some information to help troubleshoot connectivity problems-- IE what channel my neighbor's wifi is on, what the SNR of my wifi is, etc.

If no such thing exists is there software available that would give me that information?

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Necro, but might b stumbled on in a search, so...This can be done from CMD window with: netsh wlam show all (and scroll to the bottom to see SSID info including channel numbers, auth type, signal rate, radioo type, etc) – Wolf5370 Jul 28 '14 at 5:22
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I found an answer that seems to do the trick. There's a couple Windows tools to download that give you advanced Wireless information:

  1. Netstumbler:
  2. Inssider:

I ended up going with Inssider becaues it worked with my usb adapter while NetStumbler did not. Also as @jason404 says, netstumbler won't work for Windows for Vista or Win7.

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Just a note to mention that NetStumbler does not work with Vista or Win7 onwards. – paradroid Oct 3 '10 at 13:55

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