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I find FreeNX is quite unresponsive compare to VNC when using over LAN. I run Netbeans inside a Quad Core Server and remote desktop to it through both NX & VNC. For VNC, the screen will be nicely updated as I scroll the Netbean IDE For FreeNX, flickering happened and the mouse cursor become unresponsive as I tried to do the samething. Have anyone encountered the same? I don't like VNC because when VNC doesnot correctly understand the "Windows" key (interpreted as Super L instead of Mod)

Is there any adjustment that can avoid that annoyance?

I have tried both FreeNX-Server and NeatX-Server and both resulted in the same unresponsiveness.

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Hmm, I have found the answer over there: The solution is to modify netbeans.conf (which would be found in $NETBEAN_INSTaLL_DIR/etc/netbeans.conf) and change the netbeans_default_options so that it will contains -J-Dsun.java2d.pmoffscreen=false

Thanks to google.

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