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I use the command :tabe **/<file-name-pattern> all the time to open files in the current directory and subdirs in a new tab in vim. The command enables toggling through similar file names until I find the one I'm looking for. I wanted to map it to a user command such that I'll have less to type, but am kinda new to vim commands and thought I'd ask for help. Here's what I could come up with (mapped to TT):

:command -nargs=1 TT :tabe **/<args>

The idea is mimic the functionality of the above and to type :TT <file-name-pattern> and then toggle with key until the desired file is found. This, uh, didn't work. Any idea how to make this happen? thanks.

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Try adding -complete=file to the command:

:command -nargs=1 -complete=file TT :tabe **/args

See ":help :command-complete".

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