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I need a move compact laptop for travel, I am looking into getting a 10" netbook which will beable to let me run a decent LAMP environment.

I was looking into HP they seem to have the fastest ATOM processor and capable of 2GB of RAM. Does anyone have any advice for me ?


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If the 10" isn't a firm size but you just want a lightweight, portable laptop that's powerful, look into the Lenovo ThinkPad X201. These things weigh less than a lot of 10" netbooks. – Shinrai Oct 4 '10 at 16:58
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Make sure it has a usable keyboard! (Or take a full-sized USB one with you.)
I've tried to use my EeePC for development and, frankly, it's a nightmare.

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Frankly, it's not the LAMP setup you're going to need the specs for. Consider that you can happily run LAMP on a machine with 128M or less RAM. Just about anything that'll run Linux is fine for a LAMP development machine, so that has little bearing on your choice.

If you're not bothered about a graphical desktop environment, you could probably buy the cheapest netbook you can find and do perfectly fine developing with lynx and {insert cli editor of choice}.

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I you want a full-powered netbook sized laptop, consider the ThinkPad X201 and the lighter X201s.

You can still find the older X200/X200s brand new, but they do not have TrackPads, which people new to ThinkPads sometimes prefer. I have an X200s at the moment and I love it.

ThinkPad X and T series laptops are built extremely well and have excellent keyboards. They are also well supported by Linux (see the linked site).

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