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Firefox allows you to reopen closed tabs by pressing Ctrl+Shift+t, and I use this shortcut a lot. Recently, I installed an application that binds that same shortcut to launch itself, even if Firefox is currently focused.

Unfortunately, I really need this installed application (it's a TV tuner and I haven't found any alternative compatible with my hardware), and it doesn't offer any settings to change this shortcut. I can't uninstall it, but I don't want it to use this shortcut.

How can I recover the original use of that shortcut? If not possible, is there a way to bind a new key combination to Firefox's Undo close tab function?

EDIT:Using Windows 7

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You need a Firefox plugin called Keyconfig - found at to reconfigure the Ctrl+Shift+t shortcut to something else.

Alternatively have a dig about in your TV Tuner help files and see if the shortcut for that app can be changed.

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