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My T-410 overheats while on the dock when performing intensive tasks, such as rendering video. Is there a piece of hardware I can purchase that will actively cool the bottom of the dock? Something more powerful than just a stand with fans built into it (maybe something with some kind of refrigerant looping around inside it).

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Perhaps an obvious question, but are you keeping the laptop lid open while it's on the dock? If not, doing so could help a lot. – Stacey Hanson Oct 4 '10 at 23:58

If you have an external graphics card, ensure your using the onboard intel one if you don't need the graphics power. The PCI Express ones can get really warm. If your doing video stuff, depending on the encoder, you might not need the GPU, just the CPU.

Also, we have had two T410s's recently (based on the same components) that have had similar problems. The tech that came said there wasn't much thermal paste, but when I called Lenovo and mentioned heat issues, they quickly routed the ticket to another group, which sent out the tech with a new motherboard and stuff.. (although we have onsite support)

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Something like this: xpc gear notebookcooler

alt text

or this:Nexus Liquid cooling Pad

alt text

Tech-Reviews we have the TDD-9000 Nexus Cooling Pad. There are many different types of cooling solutions for notebooks available and each claim to work wonders, but the Nexus Liquid Cooling Pad specifically claims of a whopping 17 Degree drop in laptop temperature (based on their own independent tests)

You should also take a look at this article

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