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Circa 1994 I remember someone telling me with glee that an easy way to remember a certain set of command-line arguments for pkzip was to arrange them so that they spelt out smeltwater, or something along those lines.

Google suggests that my memory about this is not 100% accurate - can anyone help me out?

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I don't know about smeltwater, but I remember this one:

pkzip -urp archive .


pkzip -buurp archive .

(Excuse me)

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 zip       [-AcdDeEfFghjklLmoqrRSTuvVwXyz@$]        [-b path]
 [-n suffixes] [-t mmddyyyy] [-tt mmddyyyy] [ zipfile [ file1
 file2 ...]]  [-xi list]

I think you could probably get a fair few anagrams of acdefghjklmoqrstuvwxyz

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Here is the command line help for PKZIP and PKUNZIP.
Maybe it'll help you recollect things.

Most of the stuff I used to do is here.

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