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I converted some references from my citation management program to words sources.xml file.
The file should be located in the word user data folder. All tutorials say that just overwriting the Sources.xml file will add the new references to my citation list for using them in my document.

If I overwrite the Sources.xml the citation list does not change. Restarting word does also not help. It seems that Word does not read the new files and therefore does not find my new references.

Is there any other way to import my references into word?

I'm working with Mac OS on a PowerPC and Word 2008.

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The Sources.xml file you have overwritten may not have been the 'correct' one. (Force an update and check for a change in the modification date). Alternatively, your Word document may not have been looking where Sources.xml is stored. UWEC has a detailed guide that may help.

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