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looking for a Linux email client that can display tray/popup notification (best: via libnotify's popup or dbus event) when a certain IMAP folder (not the whole inbox) gets a message. HTTP/SOCKS proxy support is wanted badly. provided a good idea of mail-notification, it works correctly [with only one label per mailbox] and with http proxy (set via gconf-editor).

there is also a support for lots of external clients:

[ebuild R ] mail-client/mail-notification-5.4-r4 USE="gmail ipv6 maildir mbox ssl -debug -evo -imap -mh -mozilla -pop -sasl -sylpheed" 0 kB

But want this functionality inside a client, without a fear of this program reading all labels in a configured client (time waste). And without this program set up to just getting gmail notifications and having client set up to read. (launch when message arrives).

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You can add Gmail as "IMAP" in mail-notification and just set a folder name to check. It will go straight to that folder/label without reading anything else.

Second, there is no "whole INBOX" in IMAP. INBOX is a folder like any other.

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but it is a whole, single "unwanted for popups" folder in Sylpheed. – kagali-san Oct 10 '10 at 15:04
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Now I run both mail-notifications and Sylpheed. Would script latest. Not answered.

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