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I'd like to run a backup tool, duplicity, that apparently requires a cc compiler and binutils. I'm able to locate and install the required BSD packages for python, gcc, and dependencies from However, I can't find binutils.

How are binutils installed on a system like FreeNAS? I'm working with FreeNAS 0.70 (based on FreeBSD 7.2). I see several packages with binutils in the name, but it's not clear any of them are for my i386 platform.

e.g. I see i386-rtems-binutils-2.19.1, but I can't find any info that suggests this is correct for my platform. Google results mention it's for realtime systems.

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Sometimes simpler is better. With BSD you can say something like this:

# pkg_add -r binutils

and it will fetch the latest version from a repository and install.

One advantage of the -r (remote fetch) is that it fetches a "meta" package, and doesn't need the exact version number etc.

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One up: How can this package be downloaded if the machine doesn't have a direct internet connection? That's why I was browsing the FTP site for package files. I didn't see a binutils.tbz file. – spoulson Oct 6 '10 at 10:08
I didn't realize you were doing the FTP from a different machine. – hotei Oct 6 '10 at 14:56

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