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I've been looking and it seems like no one has ever moved from GnuCash to Quicken!

I know that GnuCash can import .qif's but Quicken cannot import GnuCash's XML files and I can't see any way to convert it.

I've asked Quicken for help and they told me that I had to input all data by hand. I have way too much data to input by hand; I track multiple people's finances.

c'mon guys and gals, someone has to have succeeded in doing this somewhere

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The GnuCash FAQ has something on that topic.

share|improve this answer This kind of worked, I got all the names of the accounts in but all of the transactions are missing. I can deal with this for now, but something tells me that the program that's backed by the multi-million dollar company should have more options right? – blsub6 Oct 5 '10 at 19:21
blsub6: They don't give a damn. And why should they? An ad probably gives them more new customers than GnuCash has total, while still being cheaper than writing an importer. Plus, import capability is acknowledging a competitor. This is easy to do as the underdog, but if you do that as the big player, that means you're in trouble (see Microsoft's "I'm a PC"). Enough ranting for today, so to sum up: I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a converter/importer by the Quicken folks. – Daniel Beck Oct 5 '10 at 20:32

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