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I have had a Logitech Internet Navigator keyboard for some years now, and for the most part it works like I want it to. However, the function keys behave as special keys rather than function keys unless I turn on "F-Lock". Since I prefer to use the functions as function keys, that means I always have to remember to press that F-lock key whenever I boot/wake my system.

Is there any way for Linux to tell the keyboard to turn F-Lock on without me having to press the button? A simple utility that I can run from the command line would suffice, since I could call it from /etc/pm/hooks and from an init script on system boot.

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KeyTouch will allow you to change this. You can swap the function keys around so that when F-Lock is off, the function keys will work as desired.

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I couldn't even get the most recent version of keyTouch to compile, and the older versions have very broken init scripts. Even once I fixed the init scripts by hand, keyTouch didn't work--I could set the F-Keys as function keys, but nothing happens when I press them. I suspect my kernel is slightly too old to make this work anyway (CentOS 5.5, kernel 2.6.18). – Heptite Oct 7 '10 at 18:05

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