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So for I am using WPA2 Home with AES, with MAC address filtering.

Any other suggestions?


I am not broadcasting my ssid either.

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If you really wanted more security, you could switch off SSID broadcasting and only let specific wireless cards connect (defined by MAC address).

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thanks, I forgot to mention I am not broadcasting either! – user27449 Oct 6 '10 at 2:20
  • Disable telnet and http - only allow SSH (private keys set) and https.
  • Change key renewal interval from 3600 seconds to 1800 seconds (or less?)
  • Lower the TX power - you don't want your wireless to be sniffed from outside your property
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I would recommend restricting access to your AP (remote login) to wired only, mac address filtering, and use WPA2 changing your wireless password quite often.

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