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In Chrome I have a bookmark folder which contains many bookmarks to web-comics. Every day I right click on that folder and select "Open all bookmarks in new window." That makes it very easy to tab through all the comics and then close the window when I'm done reading.

The annoying thing is that every time I open the window, Chrome asks me "Are you sure you want to open 18 tabs?"

Yes, I am sure. This dialog box is just annoying and wasting my time. Is there a way to get it so the default is always yes, and the dialog box never appears?

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The limit is 15 tabs, so you may want to try reducing your number of links or divide them into separate folders. Or save the tabs are URL shortcuts in a folder in your computer, and just open them in Chrome. You could also put them in a batch file with the start command: start "" "www.microsoft.com" –  ADTC Sep 15 '13 at 19:32

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Here is your answer or lack thereof currently: Google Chrome Forum

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Boo, Google. Boo. –  janaspage Jun 1 at 18:44

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