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Is there a way to get the number of hours that have been tallied in a given month for an iCal calendar?

If so, how?

I have been considering just tallying my freelance hours in excel or similar.

I'm on OSX 10.5.8.

Totally open to using a quick and easy (and free) app to do this task. One that allows me to put in multiple wages per freelance project would be ideal.

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Have a look at this app. It seems to be able to filter and count hours from the iCal database. Yes it costs, but there is a 14day trial!

Alternatively, there is a post here that discusses using an applescript application to do exactly what you are after. There are some sample apps attached at the bottom :)

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I am fine with scripting up a solution using AppleScript. Thanks for the suggestion! – jml Oct 8 '10 at 14:59

Warning: A bit of shameless self-promotion ahead!

I've been searching for the exact same thing. There use to be an apple script called iCal Duration that did this job pretty well, but unfortunately it breaks since upgrade to Maverics.

Since my Apple script foo is non-existing, I've created my own JS app that works similarly, by pasting all the desired events directly from iCal:

So hopefully it will be useful to someone else, too.

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