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I have bought a new laptop there are only two partition one main part and another for recovery.How can I make partition without formating?

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Look in Disk management, you may have 4 partitions, one may be hidden, if you have 4 you cannot make any more. – Moab Feb 21 '11 at 17:35

The easiest way is to click the Start Orb and then right click on Computer, and go to Storage > Disk Management.

Find the biggest disk and choose the Shrink option - if you can't reduce much, you may want to first defragment the hard drive.

alt text

Next, just create the partitions as usual.

However, unless you have a specific reason, it is a lot easier to manage a machine with just one partition! I used to create a partition for everything, but it is so hard to guess what you want in years to come and it can be a pain to maintain, backup etc.

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If you go to Control Panel -> System and Security, you can choose create and format hard disk partitions.

Here you can shrink your main partition and create a new one in the freed up space.

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Complete info about managing partitions can be found here: How to Manage Your Disks using the Disk Management Utility

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