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Right now I am using some software to emulate a null modem serial cable on my Windows computer connected to itself. For development purposes I need to have a null modem connection to a linux computer from a windows host. Is there any method of doing this virtually?

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I tried to use remserial to have multiple linux vm's share a remote serial connection, but it didn't work. I believe my problem was due to my application not playing well with the tty designations remserial uses. You may have better luck with it.

Here is the remserial website.

Here is the wikipedia page where I learned about it (see Open Source Solutions section).

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I think the closest thing to an answer is to use com2tcp, which allows you to redirect a serial port to a telnet server. Its not entirely what I was aiming for but should do the trick.

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I thing also netcat can be used for this see e.g. following link

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