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Before creating a complex presentation files I usually do some research, collecting materials from many sources, trying to come up with topics, subtopics and overall structure. So far I'm doing it in a standard notepad.

I was wondering if there is a specialized software to organize materials of presentation during research phase. I expect the software to have some basic formatting capabilities. I could use MS Word, but it's not so convenient.

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Microsoft OneNote - highly recommend...


Evernote. Free, syncs online automatically (if you have an account), and works well too...


Have used both, and, in my opinion, OneNote is better with organization and keeping track of information better...

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+1 One of the best things about OneNote is the way that you can easily re-order lists and paragraphs of notes. It is one of the most important applications I use, and I have dozens of OneNote notebooks to organise my thoughts and ideas. – paradroid Oct 8 '10 at 2:16

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