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I have an Intel PM55 chipset in my notebook. Reportedly Windows 8 (aka Windows Next) will not support BIOS-based systems. Is my motherboard forward-compatible to house an EFI firmware?

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The Intel PM55 is available with the recent Core I5 & I7 chip families and is 64-bit.

As such, while your current system probably still only supports booting the BIOS-based OS via the Compatibility Support Module (CSM), and thus does not appear to be UEFI-based, actually it's almost certain to be UEFI-ready for Windows 8 which will be only UEFI-based and 64-bits.

However, you will need an EFI update package for your motherboard, which given the great popularity of the Intel PM55 chipset, has a good chance of eventually becoming available.

But nothing is ever guaranteed, as there is not enough documentation available at the moment.

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Perfect answer. Thank you very much. – pestaa Oct 8 '10 at 10:18

Windows 8 will run on a legacy BIOS system.

It may not support all of the new Windows 8 features that require UEFI support, but it will still be as capable - if not more - than Windows 7 on a legacy BIOS.

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UEFI systems may run in legacy BIOS mode because they're newer. BIOS system cannot upgrade to UEFI because the increase in flash ROM size make BIOS chips cannot store enough UEFI programs

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